on eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

March 7, 2010 § 1 Comment

How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d …


this movie, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind……..

what. a. TRIP .  its mental, but in the best way possible.

i once read in an interview that the members of muse take magic mushrooms for inspiration when they’re writing songs, and the wonderful people who made this film must have been on something similar.  maverick, psychedelic, unaffectedly sweet, and (honestly) a bit frightening, the story works and holds its own.  even with its godawful posters:


don’t be fooled by the posters, if you haven’t seen this yet (and as usual, i feel like i’m the last one to know) .  it’s no light, processed-cheese romantic-comedy served aniston style, and thank god. instead it is one of those stories that you really don’t want to explain to anyone who hasn’t seen it for themselves because it’s a ride with a few screws loose. (and i’m not just saying that because i hate summarizing, although i do).  you need to sit down, focus on the first twenty minutes although it seems disappointingly tedious at first, and DO NOT try to analyze and explain everything to yourself before the movie is through.  just let it toss you around a storm and feel it.

i started watching this on friday night with my family around 10, and within fifteen minutes everybody retired and said they’d watch it tomorrow.  i ended up watching this film alone on the couch on an inky moonless night with the woods around my house pressing up to the windows (i live on a mountain) and funky creeeeeeaks issuing from the foundations of the house [by the way, did you know your house creaks because it contracts in the cold of the night?  what are you talking about?  i always knew that..] in addition to the fact that i am a complete milksop when it comes to any kind of scary movie.  i’m talking about sincerely not being capable of watching scary movie and dying when i was once forced to watch sleepy hollow.  i’m not saying eternal sunshine is at all scary (by normal people’s standards) but i was pretty frightened watching it alone at night, my thumb poised above the pause button in case of an emergency, because it does play with your mind.  it’s beautiful, but as i said..  acid trip.

i now realize how pivotal your environment is in how you perceive a film, especially the first time you watch it.  i was alone at night, watching this in a state of acute tension (from both fear and fascination), and thus everything was heightened, a hundred times more intense. the twists and turns of panic were too real; the quiet moments all sweetness and light.

the second time i watched it was about ten hours later with my yawning, forcibly-rolled-out-of-bed family in the soft sunlight of morning.  not the same feeling at all.  family emerged 108 minutes later with the general opinion of “good movie”, but definitely not the same trippy experience i had had.  i suppose it’s not a completely bad thing.. rather convenient actually:  if i say “what a fantastic film” and you didn’t like it at all, i can just blame the ambiance.


one word:  KATEWINSLET. i think i love her.

nobody can kick the tires and light the fires and be stupid and perfect and afire like kate winslet.  oh my darlin, oh my darlin, oh my darling clementine… and an impressive and endearing performance by jim carrey too.  i guess comedians really are the best actors.  it was really quite a combo, i think i like kate&jim chemistry more than kate&leo.

the director: french director and oscar winning screenwriter michel gondry.  props, serious props to you sir.  what a crazy movie.  i’ll be watching his other film, the science of sleep, shortly.


1.  for those who haven’t seen this, this is a pretty good taste of what this film is like: tangerine-sweet one moment, hallucinatory the next, golden and creepy and trippy.. at its heart, a love story.

2. i love the rain.  and why am i so entranced by the way kate winslet’s hands go merrily merrily merrily merrily.. ?

3. bY THe WaY: do NOT read (god-forbid) a synopsis or anything like that before you watch.  you’ll be ruined.

"Mierzwiak! Please let me keep this memory, just this one."

best watched exactly the way i watched it (hm. funny how that’s always the case, isn’t it): alone at night, slightly freaked, crushing on kate winslet.




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