on how i feel having just watched…

February 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

three completely magnificent films in the last twenty four hours, films that make me feel cheated in life for not having known them until just now.


i’m bursting to divulge all about them, but it’s far too late in the night and i have too much nervous energy leftover from my god-i-love-this-movie high to properly sink into a chair and get into them now (i’m on my toes as we speak, too electrified and adrenalized to sleep!).

and in any case, each one of these brilliant, beautiful, vibrant and classic masterpieces could never be done justice by words coming from a mere mortal like me. i couldn’t describe how perfect these films are anyway, for if a picture’s worth a thousand words and julie andrews the queen of genovia says two pictures are two thousand words, well three-hour films have 180 minutes of pictures which is 10 800 seconds of footage and there are about 30 frames per second which is 324 000 frame per movie and there are three of them so that’s 972 000 pictures and if each is worth a thousand words that’s 972 000 000 words to describe what i’ve seen.

so i won’t say anything now, it’s nearly 4 in the morning and i have a mountain of dvd’s to watch tomorrow…..




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