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February 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

holy toasters do i love my mum.  after a very trying day she picked me up and announced oh poor thing, long day?  here, i bought some bread, ooh try this white chocolate toblerone i found at the airport and oh yes, i rented a dvd.. what was it called, something like scoop– and i could recite the rest: 2006 film directed by woody allen, starring woody allen, scarlett johansson, and hugh jackman, script written specially for scarlett after she starred for woody in match point.  been on the list for a long time, just hadn’t seen it.  mum i love you.

well what can i say.

well actually i have a confession to make.  i was about to say “another woody, another masterpiece, as usual” but i realize i’d be a complete and raging arrogant (white) liar if i said that.  i mean, not regarding woody allen, but me.     O.o

you see, i must admit, i’ve never seen annie hall.  mea culpa mea culpa, it honestly is a crime (or so i imagine people would tell me).  till tonight i had only seen two other woody allens, the recent ones: match point and vicky cristina barcelona.  i mean, this is sad, it’s so exclusively 21st century that i subconsciously find myself under the impression somehow that if it’s a woody allen movie, scarlett johansson will be in it in some form or other.

but alright so i’m a rookie, but does that have to mean that i can’t appreciate a good movie when i see one?  i don’t want to be one of those people who slam others for saying they like a director or artist or whoever although they’ve only seen a small portion of their work.  i believe you can derive as much pleasure and happiness from seeing a 2 minute segment of a director’s work as you can from watching their entire oeuvre.  i mean, i’ve loved terrible films even if they were complete shit because for say, one second of a moment, just a glimpse of a stunning expression on someone’s face, or a perfectly-timed resonance of a cello or just the right crack of emotion in someone’s voice, a film is redeemed.  you would be a different person if you hadn’t experienced that one moment; you’d be less inspired, one less lovely snapshot would be stored in your memory.  (i hope you don’t think i’m kidding, i’m being quite serious!)

but ah what was my point?

i think what i was trying to say was that yes, i consider myself a lover of film, yet the list of woody allen movies i’ve seen is a mere three titles long (and i have yet to see annie hall).  but i would like to call myself an admirer of the legendary director all the same, simply because (of what i’ve seen so far) i delight in his childlike-yet-wise-with-age-storytelling, his irony, his humour, his lightheartedness and spontaneity.

so if you skipped/skimmed/yawned past all that, here is the big bigger biggest idea:

i loved scoop.

and i hate showing people trailers after i’ve seen the film but until i can find something else..  watch.

or actually, you might prefer watching this:

but i really refuse to give away anything on this one, except that it was funny (woody allen is a riot), very sweet, and unexpected.  if you watch it, watch the end very carefully.  you’ll see/hear two plot twists that might otherwise escape you.  one, regarding sondra’s article and the cuff link.  the other regarding the man in the boat.    he he he i feel like freaking jk rowling typing those out.

scoop: you may hate it, may love it, but unless you watch how are you going to find out?

best watched with something buttery to eat (or at least that’s how i watched it).




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