on wuthering heights.. 2011

February 16, 2010 § 9 Comments

this pops up on the radar:

o hohhhhh…..  i’m thinking..

first of all, it seems the need for commercial popularity/attractiveness hasn’t changed since 1939.  ed westwick as heathcliff eh?  (for all you non-girls or under-rock inhabitants, this is the guy who plays the lustful, filthy rich womanizer and sex-addict chuck bass on gossip girl).  are they really going to cast a guy who’s acting credits mostly consist of “balt” from one episode of californication and “randy” from the straight-to-video thriller s. darko?  i suppose he’s got dark hair, dark eyes, british accent, and a kind of sleazy smoulder.. but it doesn’t matter, he’s too short!  he can’t possibly be my gloriously rugged mr. heathcliff……

you cannot be serious.

gossip girl's ed westwick.

if you’ve never seen him in action before, here’s a rather thorough sample:

and as for the role of cathy… british actress gemma arterton, whom i vaguely recall seeing in james bond: quantum of solace last year or so.

in the role of ms. "strawberry fields" in 2008's james bond.

a scene from her run as tess durbeyfield from bbc’s tess of the d’ubervilles in 2008:

well.   i’m just being cynical as usual i know, but.. well.  well maybe these two will make me eat my words come 2011 (assuming production goes on schedule and a movie is produced) and rock my socks off.   but i’m allowed to be scornful till then right?   : )

as for director peter webber and screenwriter olivia hetreed, i’m feeling hopeful.  they’re the pair behind 2003’s girl with a pearl earring, starring colin firth and scarlett johansson as famed dutch painter johannes vermeer and his (fictional) muse and model for the legendary painting of the same name.

isn't that a killer poster?

i went out and bought that dvd a few years ago after reading the novel by tracy chevalier, which i liked very much.  as an appreciator of art and an appreciator of film i honestly loved that movie.  it was visually arresting and artistic, emotional, vivid, with fantastically subtle performances by the entire cast.  from the always-gorgeous scarlett (who barely uttered 5 lines in the entire picture) to the moody, sensual master of the household played to perfection by colin firth, to lesser-known but amazing actress essie davis as his jealous wife….. it was a beautiful thing.

but i digress. my point was, i loved girl with a pearl earring enough to go and watch anything the director of that movie makes.. even if it stars freaking chuck bass.

as for the rest of the article, it’s interesting the casting process they went through no?  and according to what its imdb page says, potentials for the role of cathy included natalie portman, lindsay lohan, abbie cornish, and jessica alba.  oooh.

anybody strike you as cathy-like?

as for heathcliff, other choices included michael fassbender (god i loved him in inglourious basterds) and henry cavill (of the tudors fame, and also for being stephenie meyer’s first choice for movie-edward cullen.*     *males may ignore.)

henry cavill: i dont know how well he can act, but man....

michael fassbender: i see heathcliff!!

is it just me, or do all of these choices seem a lot more appropriate (and attractive) than ed westwick and this girl gemma arterton?  except maybe lindsay lohan and jessica alba..  well who knows, i really should shut up about this lest it turns out to be completely brilliant or something.

i wonder who i would cast if i were director………

who would be your heathcliff and cathy?




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§ 9 Responses to on wuthering heights.. 2011

  • Sara says:

    Though you probably don’t appreciate comments from random people, great blog–it’s hilarious and well written. I agree with most of what you say, except that Ed Westwick, while in many silly things, is said to have talent, and he at least could look the part. But he wouldn’t be my first choice, which is Ben Barnes (the prince in Chronicles of Narnia), or Rupert Friend, or maybe Henry Cavill (the hot son in Count of Monte Cristo) or Hans Matheson. Although they are older, Christian Bale, Joaquin Phoenix, JOSEPH Fiennes (WHY didn’t they use him instead of Ralph), and Jim Caviezel would all make good Heathcliffs.

  • angie says:

    on the contrary, i very much appreciate comments of any kind! i suppose it is true that not a lot of people could pull off a character like chuck bass like ed westwick can.. and after seeing rupert friend in the young victoria, i think he’d do a very good job. i think ben barnes is good-looking but i’ve only seen him in narnia.. not sure how much he’s improved in acting since then. thank you for the comment, really :)

  • kim says:

    i can totally see either fassbinder or cavill as heathcliff. westwick … not so much. *sighs* the actress — i think she’s a better pick than lohan, alba, and portman put together. abbie cornish … iono, she was good in “bright star.” catherine has to be an odd balance of radiant and self-absorbed; that’s a tough one to pull off.

  • michelle says:

    my daughter as been signed up to play Nelly Dean in the new wuthering heights film 2011, they are currently filming, a lot of the cast are totaly non actors, she was scouted outside a shop in york, and shes loving every minute of it,

  • michelle lias says:

    my daughter was scouted outside a shop in york, she as now been signed up to play the part of Nelly Dean in the new gritty wuthering heights 2011, they are filming at the moment, and as said that a lot of the cast are non actors, she as never done any acting before, and shes loving every minute of it, the film sounds brilliant, like no other wuthering heights, and i think the twighlight fans will love it,

  • Sara says:

    Oh my gosh, how exciting!!! Please divulge more…how is it like no other Wuthering Heights? That sounds encouraging, although the fact that “Twighlight” fans will love it does not (no offense; I’m one myself)…

  • michelle lias says:

    its going to be a whole re vamp on the old films, most of the cast are in their teens and early 20,s its always been a dark gothic, ghostly love story, but this remake, will av, nothing missing, its got bad language, violence and racial abuse,so maybe unsuitable for children, my daughter tells me that heathcliffe is an unknown actor from leeds, of mixed race, Andrea Arnold decided against Edd Westwick, and Kaya Scolirado from skins is playing Kathy, she arrived for filming last week and they are all getting on brilliantly,

  • michelle lias says:

    Its appealing to the twighlight fans because wuthering heights is mentioned quite often, i think maybe because of the unusual couple, they liken themselves to kathy and heathcliffe, and as its quite a dark love story,with a ghostly ending, the younger generation who loved the twighlight films will be curious, i dont think the old films would hold a young audience, speaking from my own experiance, my kids had never heard of it, no offence, but im hoping if my daughter is right then the new film will appeal to all ages, and hopefully put wuthering heights back on the shelves,

  • michelle lias says:

    no offence taken, the reason it will appeal to twighlight fans is because the unlikely couple likened themselves to kathy and heathcliffe, and wuthering heights is mentioned in the film, this as made the younger audiences curious to find out more about wuthering heights, speaking from experiance, my kids had never heard of wuthering heights until now, so heres to a whole new one, lets hope it appeals to all ages, either way it will be intresting to see,

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