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February 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

even if you aren’t a movie fanatic, you have to admit the oscars are dang fun to watch.  i don’t know, maybe i’m the only one who watches the show religiously, but considering the fact that 36.94 million people also watched the awards last year… yeah. they’re fun.

there’s one thing that really upsets me though about the oscars: a woman has never won the award for best director.  this year makes the 82nd academy awards, and out of those 82 years only four women have ever been nominated:

1976 – lina wertmüller for seven beauties (an italian film about a man who deserts the italian army during world war ii and then does just about everything in order to survive in a german camp when he is recaptured.  why is it called seven beauties? the guy’s got seven ugly sisters.  have i seen this film? no, have you?)

lina wertmüller, as old as the academy itself (82 as of 2010!), and a legend in her own right.

a scene from seven beauties (i’d love to see this film): …..

then in 1994 – jane campion for the piano (a haunting film about a scottish pianist who chooses to live as a mute in the mid 1800’s with her daughter, who acts as her interpreter.  is then sent to new zealand in an arranged marriage, which of course runs into complications.  throughout the entire film it remains unclear why she chose never to speak.)

seen 2009's bright star? another campion creation.

a young jane campion

one of the best scenes from the piano:

you might remember a few years ago in 2003, sofia coppola was nominated for lost in translation (and it was just her third movie! starring bill murray, scarlett johansson and tokyo).

on the set of the not-so-successful marie antoinette (2006)

well when you're ff coppola's daughter..

a rather creepy deleted scene from lost in translation (glad i never saw that in theatres..):

and none of these three very talented women won.  out of all the barriers there are in the entertainment industry and the world in general, it seems as though hollywood has always been and remains a boys’ club.  as for ethnicity, the first and (so far) only non-white person to win best director was ang lee for brokeback mountain in 2005.  but at least that hurdle was cleared.  isn’t it about time a woman won?  not just for the sake of a woman winning, but because she deserves it?

this year, director kathryn bigelow is up for the award for her film the hurt locker, which is getting a lot of love from the critics, to the point where even the new york times is saying it is “the year’s most critically acclaimed American film“.  a war-thriller film about the war in iraq, it seems to be just about everything the academy loves to reward: serious, dramatic, manly, a worthy topic, and a relatively teensy budget (made for $11 mil, scraped by making $16 mil).

by the way, has anybody actually seen this film?

rave reviews for the hurt locker..

kathryn bigelow, on the verge of making history?

the trailer for the hurt locker.  looks pretty badass:

however good this movie is, though (and it looks very, very good), i find the more interesting element to this whole affair to be bigelow’s competition.  you might have heard of a little film called avatar, a little indie, you know the like.  it’s made about, oh, $2 billion worldwide with a budget of $240 million.  its director also did that movie titanic, along with the terminator, and aliens, too.  his name is james cameron, you might have heard of him… and he also happens to be this lady’s ex-husband.


well, kathryn bigelow’s already made history by being the first woman ever to win the directors’ guild of america award for best director. but then again, cameron matched up by winning the golden globe for the same award.  as for myself, i’m betting on bigelow, and for all women out there in this fiercely exclusive industry, i hope she wins.

team bigelow.




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